I Made $7980 in April 2021

Adem Hodzic

Written by: Adem Hodzic

I Made $7980 in April 2021

As always, sorry for the late update.

And for my Muslim crew, Eid Mubarak. I hope you’ve had a nice Ramadan.

As expected April was a slow month in comparison to March. I made $300 less but that’s better than expected. It was pretty tiresome due to Ramadan though.

Clients Invoiced Hours Worked (approx.)
Client #1 $4800 104
Client #2 $3180 53
Total $7980 157


These are the items I can think of from the top of my head that are related to business.

Expense Amount
Investments $3000
Software $50
Total $3050

As usual, I put a grand into some ETFs and another grand in $ETH.

Bitcoin went for sale the other day so I decided to ape a grand into it as well. I’ll probably sell it (hopefully in green) when I decide I want to buy more $ETH. I just like it way more.

You might have noticed that taxes are missing? Well, my funds are in my Wise (yes, it’s a referral link) account so I don’t have to pay taxes on them yet. But that means the next tax bill will be HUGE.


So yeah, kinda-slow month.

In total, I’ve made $7980 in gross revenue. If we take out $3050 of expenses, I’m left out with $4930 of profit.

I’ve got nothing more to add to this update so I’ll answer some of the questions you guys asked.

> You talk a lot about the money you make but very little about why you are doing it and how you spend it.

Excellent question.

Honestly, at this point, I’m just trying to see what’s the maximum I can make in a month. I could definetly take it back a notch on the the amount work I take but I’m in love with the hustle.

As for spending, I think I’m pretty frugal. I live in a cheap country so I don’t spend more that $300-$400. Of course, I should mention I still live with my parents so I’m able to save 90%+ of my income.

Other than personal expenses, I invest a lot. I’ve split my portfolio in ETFs and crypto and invest $2000-$2500 into each.

> What happened with GetDjangoSaaS?

I’m still working on it. From time to time.

I’ve taken a lot of work recently so I don’t have a lot of free time to spend on side projects.

I plan to open-source it very soon and use it as a lead magnet for consulting business. I think someone already did something similar with some Laravel package but I can’t find the article where I read it.

> How do I start freelancing?

I could go on and on about this.

Luckily, someone already wrote about it and did a way better job than me.. This one is a must-read for anyone starting out as a freelancer.

Feel more than free to send me any questions you have. I’ll gladly respond to all of them.

Until the next month, Adem

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