How to Use Reddit for Business

Adem Hodzic

Written by: Adem Hodzic

Find out how you can use Reddit for your business

Reddit is one of the biggest online communities right now.

It thrives on user-generated content and moderation.

But few people know that Reddit can be an ultimate business tool.

Today I will bring you examples of how you can use Reddit for your business.

Using Reddit As A Marketing Channel

Redditors hate marketers and salespeople.

And I don’t blame them.

Most marketers come to Reddit thinking it’s just another social media platform. They try to apply the same strategies they use on Facebook and Instagram.

Those strategies don’t work on Reddit.

If you look up average Reddit user, you will find out it’s most likely a male in its 20’s and is most likely very tech-savvy.

They can smell when someone is not being genuine and just trying to sell you on something.

On top of that most subreddits don’t allow self-promotion.

So how can you promote something on Reddit?

The answer is simple. Provide actual value.

No one will call you out for self-promotion if you provide tons of value upfront.

Here is what you can do promote your product on Reddit without violating the guidelines:

In the end, if there is value in your product then you shouldn’t be worried. Redditors have very good senses for detecting bullshit products and genuine products.

All you have to do is be a Reddit profile with a business, not a business with a Reddit profile.

Using Reddit For Content Ideas

Reddit is a goldmine when it comes to generating ideas.

On Reddit, you can find any community you think of. Here is a community of dog pictures with their tongues out.

And you know what that means? It means that there are a lot of people that need an answer to a specific question within a certain niche.

Here is how to generate content ideas using Reddit:

  1. Find a subreddit for your niche

  2. Find questions that people have posted and is having at least a moderate success and engagement

  3. Research and find the answer

  4. Produce the content

  5. Share it in that subreddit

Do you want to find relevant keywords for your next piece of content using Reddit?

Try out Keyworddit.

Find Clients Using Reddit

In my humble opinion, Reddit is the number one platform for finding clients if you’re a freelancer.

Reddit has hundreds of communities where you can build your brand and offer your services.

If you’re looking for a general place to offer your services try r/forhire.

If you don’t have a particular skill or you’re still studying it, you can still get some beer money on subreddits like r/slavelabour.

You can develop games? Visit r/gameDevClassifieds.

You can write? Visit r/hireawriter.

You are an artist and want to make some money? Visit r/hireanartist, r/hungryArtists or r/artcommissions.

Want to promote a game you’re making? Post it to r/indiegames, r/indieDev or r/indieGaming.

And you’re not limited to posting to these communities. Use other communities related to your niche and network with people.

I, for example, managed to find a prospect buried deep in a weekly thread on r/startups.

My Personal Opinion on Using Reddit For Business

Did you know that there is a community on Reddit for ridiculing companies that try to market to users by acting “cool”? It’s r/hailcorporate. Check it out. There is some hilarious stuff there.

The thing I want to say to you is not to try promoting on Reddit without understanding it first.

It will eat you, spit you out and eat you once again.

How can you use Reddit then?

Be active, engage with communities and make posts that bring value to the conversation.

Of course, no one would mind if you plugged in your produce or service if it makes sense and can help out someone.


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